What do I need a building permit for?
A permit protects the homeowner and the future occupants of the home. "Pulling a permit" is just the beginning of your relationship with the Building Inspector. Look for him to stop by at key stages of your project to make sure your work is compliant with codes and done correctly. The following is a list of common construction projects that require a building permit, however, this list is not all-inclusive:

• Furnace & Air Conditioning
• Decks & Porches
• Demolition work
• Additions
• Electrical work
• Fences
• Handrails & stairs
• Plumbing
• Pool construction or renovation
• Roof repairs or re-roofing
• Sheds & Accessory Buildings
• Siding
• Window replacements (if original dimensions are being altered).

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2. What do I need a building permit for?
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