Citizen Engagement

The City of Burlington is aware of a continually changing environment that requires new ways of conducting business. A cooperative style of decision-making is not only required, but results in better decisions. Better government decisions depend on effective government, whereas collaborative government can serve as the leader and partner to developing long-term solutions to problems. This requires a steadfast commitment from everyone involved to embrace the change toward synergistic decision making and working together.

Citizen participation is not a substitute for decision-making by the City, but a very important influence on it. Shared decision-making is not a cure for conflict because it does not mean the final decision will make satisfy all. It lets everyone know the reasons for a decision in the hope that all or most participants will accept that decision, even if they do not agree with it.

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As a part of the City of Burlington's Citizen Engagement program we need involved citizens who want to become active community members. Please complete the application of choice and return it to City Hall, 300 N. Pine Street, Burlington, WI 53105, by fax at (262) 763-3474 or by email to