Police K9 Program

Name: Zander vom Schrebergarten
Place of Birth: Karlsruhe, Germany
Date of Hire: April 2017
Location of K9 Training: Steinig Tal Kennel, Campbellsport, WI

Zander is a dual purpose dog. He is trained in patrol tactics (e.g.: tracking and searching for missing people or offenders, offender apprehension, and evidence recovery). He is also trained in narcotic detection. Having a K9 team in Burlington gives the Police Department a more efficient and safer way to locate narcotics and hiding offenders. Canine Handler Eric Willms and Zander continually put in many hours of training to sharpen their abilities so that they can keep citizens and the visitors of Burlington safe. Although they are scheduled to primarily work during the evening and overnight hours, the K9 team will be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Expect our K9 team to be seen at community events to promote awareness of the team's abilities.

Zander 3
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Thank you to everyone that has donated to the K-9 Program including:

Robert and Mary Walker
RKW Redi Mix
Donna McKusker
Lori Mehring
Ellen Chilson
Warren's Auto Body
Ruth Kayser
David and Sarah Kruse
Vincent Machroli