Water & Sewer Bills


Customers are billed quarterly for water and sewer service. Additionally, public fire protection service charges are billed quarterly, which recover the costs related to the capacity of the system available to fight fires within the municipality's water service area.

Late Payments

If the water / sewer bill is not paid by the due date printed on the bill, there is a 1% monthly charge added to the unpaid balance.

Delinquent Bills

All water/sewer amounts due on July 31st that are not paid as of November 1st of that year may be placed on the property owner's year-end tax bill as a special assessment against the property. In addition, a 10% service fee is added to the past due amount when arrears are applied to the tax roll.

Disputed Bills

In any situation where you are unable to resolve billing problems or disputes about the grounds for proposed disconnection, appeals can be made to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission at 800-225-7729.

Payments & Rates