Your Rights as a Victim or Witness

A Message From the District Attorney

Crime in Racine County touches all of us. When one person is victimized, we all as a community suffer. If you are not personally a victim of crime, then you know a relative, friend or neighbor who is. Being a victim of, or a witness to, crime can be a frightening experience. You often feel violated by the intrusion into your life and are left with feelings of anger and pain.

Victims and witnesses naturally look to the criminal justice system for vindication and justice, but all too often find a court system which appears to be dedicated to protecting the very people who have caused their anger and pain. While the criminal justice system is designed to protect, support and serve our communities, most citizens do not learn about it until after they become victims of crime the worst possible time to try to understand the complex roles and responsibilities of each of the "players" in the system. However, no criminal can be successfully prosecuted without the valuable assistance of victims and witnesses.

I encourage you to contact our Victim Witness staff if you have any questions. Please work with us to make our community a safer place for our families to work and play. We are here to serve you.


Michael E Nieskes
Racine County District Attorney

Victim and Witness Rights (PDF)