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Burlington Community Pool Project
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Initially constructed in 1965, the Burlington Community Pool was originally a joint project of the Burlington area service clubs. The Burlington Jaycees, Burlington Kiwanis, Burlington Lions Club, and Burlington Rotary formed the Burlington Community Pool Corporation in 1961 with the expressed intent of building a recreational facility for the city’s residents. A dedication was held, and the pool opened for swimming on June 11, 1966. Since that time, the combined clubs have continued to financially support and operate the pool.  In 2014 the City allocated $25,000 towards repairs to the pool; however, no tax dollars are used in maintaining or operating the pool.

In 2014, the City engaged in discussions with the Community Pool Board to determine the best steps in restoring and/or rebuilding the community pool due to the extensive list of needed maintenance and repairs of the pool. It was determined the best approach would be to replace the existing pool and bathhouse with a modern aquatics facility to meet the community’s current demands for recreational and instructional swimming opportunities. The desire for a new pool is to have a sustainable business model and management plan to support the pool and the community for years to come.

In November 2014 and again in December 2015, the City released a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting qualified consulting firms to design municipal pools to submit a proposal to provide engineering services for the design of a new pool.  The RFP divided consulting tasks into six phases in which the Common Council has the authority to cancel at any the end of any phase: 1) Site Assessment, 2) Preliminary Design, 3) Pool Management Plan, 4) Referendum Educational Assistance, 5) Design and Bid, and 6) Construction Management. The goal for the design consultants was to create a preliminary design with cost estimates that would be presented for public consideration in referendum form at a future election date.   Details of Phases 1-6

On March 15, 2016, the Common Council authorized entering into an agreement Ayres Associates for Phases 1-4 of the project.  Ayres Associates Proposal

Next Steps
Phase 1
July 5, 2016: Update regarding Phases 1 and 2 at the Committee of the Whole Meeting
Phase 1 & 2 PowerPoint Presentation
Burlington Pool Analysis by Ayres Associates
Phase 2
July 19, 2016: Joint Council/Pool Board/Park Board Workshop to review preliminary design options
View July 19, 2016 Pool Design Presentation
Phase 3: Pool Management Plan

Phase 4: Referendum Education and Assistance

 pool fact sheet.gif
View Pool Referendum Fact Sheet

Public Informational Sessions
October 5 and 26, 2016 at 400 McCanna Parkway
View Presentation

Public Input/Education
The following concept design was rolled out at the September 9, 2016 Review Meeting based on feedback from the Pool Board, Common Council and the Park Board. View the full-size renderings and voice your comments and concerns on the project and/or design here.
 pool 1_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg  pool 12_thumb_thumb_thumb.jpg
View 9/20/16 Presentation with Designs and Cost

Impact on Taxpayers
Separate estimates by the city's financial consultant and the city treasurer have put the cost of repaying a $5.4 million loan at approximately $68 to $82 per year on the average home valued at $179,000 over a 20-year the capital campaign for the period.
In other words, it will cost between 38 cents and 46 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value per year. This does not necessarily mean taxes will go up by a similar amount. The actual tax rate is established based on factors that could positively or negatively affect the final number during the loan's term. The city is also year retiring some long-term debt in the coming years, which may lessen the impact of this and other capital project expenses on the tax rate.

Council Approval of Advisory Referendum Language

On August 16, 2016, the Council approved the following language that will be placed on the November 8, 2016 General Election ballot:

Should the City of Burlington construct a community pool facility at Devor Park, 394 Amanda Street, funded by taxes with the following conditions: (1) Spending and/or borrowing on the facility is not to exceed $5,400,000.00 (5.4 million dollars) and; (2) the facility will be built within the corporate limits of the City of Burlington.

• A 'yes" vote on the question is a vote advising the City of Burlington Common Council that the voter approves the expenditure and borrowing of up to $5,400,000.00 (5.4 million dollars) for the purpose of paying the cost of capital expenditures for a project to construct a new community swimming pool, including buildings and other appurtenances.

• A "no" vote on the question advises the City of Burlington Common City Council that the voter opposes an expenditure of up to $5,400,000.00 (5.4 million dollars) for such a facility.