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Downtown Strategic Planning & Economic Development

Through Downtown Strategic Plan sessions, the Common Council has identified retail recruitment and retention in Burlington as a priority. This activity isn’t something that the City can accomplish on its own.  The best retail recruitment programs and existing business community cultures are created by a joint effort that includes involvement from key players within the business community, service organizations, government and residents alike. 

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View the City of Burlington
2016 Downtown Strategic Plan
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2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Ongoing Workshops and Strategic Initiatives
The finalized Downtown strategic planning process involves ongoing group meetings run by volunteers and business owners for each of the following strategic initiative committees:

Planning & Organization Committee 
Objective: The Planning and Organization Committee is charged with researching and recommending programs that have been successfully used by other municipalities to revitalize downtowns. This Committee will lead the Connect Communities and First Impressions programs and the results of these efforts along with other research, provide pertinent information to the Design, Economic Vitality and Promotion Committees.
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Economic Vitality Committee
Objective: The Economic Vitality Committee is charged with researching and recommending the data and means to convey the value of investing and/or operating a business in the City of Burlington. The Committee is responsible to obtain feedback from property and business owners via a survey tool that may include questions pertaining to the need for additional building improvement programs, financial resources and additional technical assistance. It is expected that the Committee’s work will be used to update existing and create new City marketing materials. The Committee will also provide recommendations on the distribution of marketing materials throughout the greater Burlington area and region. 
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Design Committee
Objective: The Design Committee is charged with researching and recommending programs and resources successfully used by other municipalities including the development of a “the how to” guide to secure occupancy or expand operations and buildings in the greater downtown area. The Design Committee is challenged with thinking outside the box to ensure that the City processes retain validity but seek opportunities to reduce review and approval processes where possible. The new tools will be placed on the City’s website for viewing, to confirm internal performance measurements and to share with the Economic Vitality Committee.
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Promotion Committee
Objective: The Promotion Committee is charged with researching and recommending opportunities to engage civic organizations and the downtown business owners on the promotion of its special events, the development of new special events and other programming to encourage more commerce activity in downtown.
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**Interested in joining a downtown group?  Contact Megan Watkins by email or at 262.342.1161 to get involved!

View the 2016 Downtown Strategic Plan working sessions page here.