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What is a Clean Sweep?
What is a Clean Sweep?
A Clean Sweep is an opportunity for residents of qualifying communities to properly dispose or recycle unwanted hazardous chemicals, electronic goods and pharmaceutical medication. This program is free to residents (proper identification is required). A non-perishable food item or personal care item donation is requested.

When disposed of improperly, household hazardous wastes (HHW) can threaten the quality of our drinking water, increase the threat of algae bloom and threaten the safety of sanitation workers (if discarded in the trash, these items may ignite or explode in the collection truck). HHW left around the house and garage pose an accidental poison risk to children and pets. Hazardous waste materials are often labeled with indicator words such as "caution", "warning" or "danger". The Federal Hazardous Substances act requires that these and other indicator words appear on all products which contain a substance that could cause a health hazard during use. The EPA defines a hazardous substance as any material that may be toxic, ignitable, corrosive or reactive. We accept most unknown chemicals, which can often be of unknown origin, found around your home.

For a list of acceptable items click here.