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Acceptable Clean Sweep Items
Please separate chemicals, appliances, electronics, medications, food, clothing and household items before drop off.

Hazardous Waste Items

 Acetone  Aerosol Cans, full      Antifreeze* 
 Batteries (non-alkaline) 
 Battery acid   Brake Fluid 
 Car batteries  Car Wax, solvent based   Contact Cement
 Driveway Sealer  Dry Cleaning Solvent   Fertilizer
 Fiberglass Epoxy
 Floor Care Products
 Furniture Polish
 Gasoline and other Fuels
 Glue, solvent based
 Hair Remover
 Insect Spray/Killer
 Latex Paint **
 Light Ballasts
 Lighter Fluid
 Medication (Prescription & OTC)
 Metal Polish
 Mothballs  Nail Polish Remover
 Oil Filters
 Oils-based Paints
 Oils* (Auto & Other)
 Oven Cleaner
 Paint Thinner
 Paint Stripper
 Pool Chemicals
 Rat Poison
 Rechargeable Batteries
 Shellac & Stain
 Shoe Polish
 Spot Remover
 Solvent-based Cleaners
 Stump Remover
 Transmission Fluid
 Varnish  Weed Killer
 Wood Filler
 Wood Preservative
($30 cash only fee for tube
tv/monitors - $10 cash only
fee for flat screen tv/monitors)
* Containers cannot be returned

** Latex paints must be in their original containers with a tight lid. All brands will be accepted but the label must be legible. No dried out or nearly dried out paint will be accepted. If that is the case, remove the lid from the can and dry the paint completely, then dispose of it with your regular trash.

 Blenders  Can Openers
 Coffee Maker
 Dishwashers  Dryers   Furnaces
 Microwaves  Mixers  Ovens
 Pizza Ovens
 Other appliances over 50% metal                                    

Other Items
Love, Inc. will be on-site collecting household items including:
 Non-perishable Food      
 Personal Care Items  
 Household Goods    

Items Not Accepted
 Ammunition  Alkaline Batteries
 Explosives   Medical Waste
 Radioactive Material
  Containers of liquid over 5 gallons